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Testimonial of how Dharmavira Prabhu healed a child’s kidney problem and empowered the child’s father to chant 64 rounds of the Hare Krishna maha mantra daily:

My name is Manish Bansal from Punjab, India. My son Gaurang was born with serious kidney problems. I consulted doctors from PGI Chandigarh for treatment. The doctors recommended an operation which was a 50/50 chance. I was reluctant to put my child through this operation.

I was searching for alternative treatment and by chance I saw Dharmavira Prabhu’s free Shambhavi holistic healing on Facebook. I contacted Dharmavira prabhu for the healing. Dharmavira prabhu informed me that he did not treat very young children but he would nevertheless send healing to the child.

My child Gaurang was improving day by day. His kidneys are now perfectly healed by the grace of Lord Shri Krishna in the form of Shambhavi healing by Dharmavira prabhu and the reiki healings I performed.

Chanting 64 rounds

I felt that chanting 64 rounds was beyond my ability as I was accustomed to chanting only 16 rounds. I was fortunate to have darshan of Srila Anirudda Prabhu who chants 500 000 names of the Hare Krishna maha mantra daily at my friends house in Ludhiana. Aniruddha Prabhu has mentioned that he is a one and a half year old grandson of Lord Sri Krishna and Rukmini devi. He is a self-realised mahabhagavata and constantly preaches the chanting of the holy names of Krishna. I asked him for blessings to chant the holy name as he is reputed for being able to bless people to chant 64 rounds.

However, chanting 64 rounds was not on my mind after meeting him. One day I had a phone conversation with Dharmvira Prabhu and inquired about Shambhavi Healings. He instructed me to chant 64 rounds daily. He also told me about Reiki and with his advice I took two degrees of Reiki from Khanna. In the meantime I was getting inspired to chant 64 rounds by regularly chatting with Dharmavira Prabhu.

I wanted to chant faster and reduce the time it takes to complete one round. In the Jaiva dharma it is mentioned that holy name can be expanded or contracted just like the dham expands and contracts. However even after listening to Aniruddha Prabhu’s Japa audio and chanting along with him, I still could not chant faster than 6 minutes a round.

On the 22nd March 2017 I met Dharmavira Prabhu in Radhakunda. He took me on parikrama in Radhakunda and showed me the different goswamis’ samadhis.

I observed that he was having a different type of darshan than me, as I felt he was communicating with the goswamis and the Lord when he was having Their darshan. I could feel the vibe on his face.

I came back a week later to Radhakunda with many questions and with a desire to learn how to chant 64 rounds daily. Dharmavira Prabhu cleared all my doubts with references from the scriptures and taught me how to chant.

I returned home and started to chant more than 16 rounds daily. On the 21st April 2017 I chanted 64 rounds for the first time in my life. My chanting speed increased from 6 to 5 and then to 4 minutes a round. Now I chant almost 20 rounds per hour and it takes me three to four hours to complete 64 rounds.

I dont know how this happened, but I am sure this was due to the blessings of Dharmavira Prabhu. He revealed to me that he is is directly empowered by Gauranga Mahaprabhu to spread the pure holy names.

Manish B.



Testimonial of how Dharmavira Prabhu healed a devotee in Mumbai from deafness using Shambavi holistic healing and how he empowered him to chant 64 rounds of the Hare krishna Maha-mantra daily:

My name is Vishal Joglekar from Mumbai. I was very much willing to try any treatment for curing my deafness. By some good fortune I came across Dharmavira prabhu who offered free Shambhavi holistic healing on Facebook. I contacted Dharmavira Prabhu and he told me that he offers free treatment only to those devotees who are chanting 100 000 names of the Maha-mantra daily.

I told Dharmavira Prabhu that I was chanting 16 rounds of the Maha-mantra daily and that 64 rounds would be difficult to do immediately. Dharmavira Prabhu agreed to empower me to chant 64 rounds gradually and he immediately started to give me Shambhavi healing.

I informed him that I was using cow’s ghee in my nose. He said I could continue with that and he asked me to do certain pranakriyas and yoga. He also recommended that I chant 32 rounds of the Maha-mantra daily.

I started doing the pranakriyas and yoga together with the chanting. Dharmavira Prabhu sent Shambavi healing to me daily. I used to go to my Audiologist regularly for checkup. My Audiologist noticed that there was regular improvement in my hearing. I was very encouraged but had one regret that I did not meet Dharmavira Prabhu earlier.

Within eleven months of persistent effort and dedication, my Audiologist finally told me to say-goodbye to my hearing machines. On my birthday my father noticed how I was communicating with others and he was very happy and surprised.

He told me that God was with me and that this was the best birthday gift I received. By Dharmavira Prabhu’s empowerment I am now chanting 64 rounds and more on a daily basis.

This holistic healing will not only help you physically but will also help you in other areas of your life. It will help you spiritually, clear financial blocks, assist you emotionally and will help you achieve the goals that you aspire for.

I have been chanting 64 rounds japa for six months regularly. Unfortunately due to some personal commitments I had stopped chanting and somehow I got disconnected from His Grace Dharmavira prabhu for sometime.

Recently I again requested him to be my Facebook friend and he kindly obliged. Dharmavira prabhu’s association is so powerful that just within three days I have again started chanting 64 rounds.

Vishal J.



I was in contact with Krishna Bhakti school since last 5 years. I used to chant 16 rounds of Hare Krishna Mahamantra in 2 hours. 2 years ago I started chanting 64 rounds of Mahamantra on Ekadashi and it took 7 to 8 hours to chant. But this routine could not last longer than 6 months. After my marriage since November 2016 my schedule of chanting 16 round was not stable. Sometimes I was not able to chant my rounds on daily basis.

By the mercy of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu I came in contact with Dharmavir Prabhu. He blessed me so that I can chant continuously 16 rounds of Maha Mantra daily without fail. After few days I started chanting 32 rounds. Initially it used to take 5 minutes for me to chant 1 round of Maha Mantra. But gradually by the mercy of Dharmavir prabhu my chanting speed was faster automatically.

Gradually I started chanting 48 rounds and finally I am chanting 64 rounds of maha-mantra now on daily basis without fail. It takes only 3 hours to chant 64 rounds now.

All credit goes to my eternal spiritual master AC Bhakti Vedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, Srila Dharmavir prabhu and Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu who is known as saviour of fallen souls like me in this age of Kaliyuga.

Deepak S.